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Our Mission

Peripheral Vision International (PVI) is a boutique consulting firm focused on innovative media strategies for social change, using informal media, guerrilla tactics and out of home distribution, to effectively reach target audiences in East Africa with entertaining, educational content (edutainment).

PVI aims to help social change advocates reach broad audiences in ways that are smarter, more powerful and more efficient than traditional methods. It uses advanced technology to reach a mass audience with limited access to traditional media and designs relevant and engaging content through innovation and appropriation. PVI works from inception to completion to research,design, creation, distribution and the measurement of social change media campaigns.

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Where We Work

PVI currently operates in East Africa with a focus on Uganda, where its main project is a music television program, ‘Crowdpullerz’, which combines videos by Uganda’s top artists with news clips and public service announcements on local issues.

Why Uganda?

Uganda is currently in a period of economic, political, and cultural transition that presents societal challenges, as well as potential for positive transformation. Recent oil development will soon bring unprecedented wealth to Uganda, which, if managed properly, will help provide much-needed services to one of the poorest populations in the world and promote democratic inclusion.

However, democratic effects of investment and development in Uganda have been thwarted by a restriction of freedoms and the prominence of ultraconservative Evangelical Christianity. Intolerance of public conversation around reproductive health and freedom of sexuality has led to a rise in HIV/AIDS infection rates, domestic violence, and bigotry towards sexual minorities. Organizations working to address these problems face obstacles including largely government controlled media, widespread corruption, and consolidation of power.

While PVI believes its model will work in dozens of countries, Uganda provides a perfect test market. Ugandans need access to information to hold their government accountable, lead healthy lives and become responsible leaders. This power comes from information reaching the right people in the right way. PVI develops alternative media strategies to bring educational entertainment to Uganda’s youth, rural populations and offline communities. We believe technology, media and popular culture is the catalyst for social change in East Africa.

Our PVI team

Paul Falzone
Founder / Director

An award-winning producer of film and video, Paul Falzone is the founder and director of PVI. With a background in creating short form advocacy video for nonprofits, Dr. Falzone has worked with a range of organizations and clients over the last fifteen years creating short and feature length documentaries, television programming, online and viral video, commercials and experimental film.

In addition to his field work – at least six months per year spent in Uganda and other parts of East Africa – Dr. Falzone is a media scholar who has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level and also designed a college major in Media Advocacy. His media-related writing has appeared in many peer-reviewed journals and academic books. He holds an MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University and an MA and PhD in Communication from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, where his research centered on video and advocacy.

Gosia Lukomska
Director of Integrated Media

With a specialization in broadcast communications, Gosia Lukomska, PVI’s Director of Integrated Media, brings years of international experience managing film and media production for non-profit and corporate entities to the organization. Before joining PVI, Ms. Lukomska spent several years in Eastern and Southern Africa, producing and directing advocacy films for international and local aid agencies. Prior to her engagement in the development sector, Ms. Lukomska worked for a cutting-edge new media and marketing agency, Interference Inc., where she was responsible for design and implementation of innovative multi-media productions.

Ms. Lukomska is an occasional guest lecturer at universities around the world and has been involved as an educator with the Urban Arts Partnership, bringing arts-integrated programs to underserved public schools in the New York area. She holds an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from University of New York-Hunter College and a MS in Social Psychology from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland, where she was born and raised.

Paul Sparks
Director of Research

Paul Sparks, a research and evaluation professional with wide-ranging experience in program management and impact evaluation, leads PVI’s research and evaluation unit in Uganda. Prior to joining PVI in Spring 2015, Sparks served in the same capacity for BRAC International, where he personally supervised large-scale field experiments in education, small enterprise development and youth employment. He also contributed to the design, coordination and implementation of dozens of other rigorous studies on a wide range of other topics. Though he has lived and worked in East Africa since 2011, he’s also supported studies in Zambia, Ecuador, Nepal and Washington, DC.

A sociologist at heart, Sparks has a keen interest in human motivation, behavior and belief. His primary methodological pursuits consist of randomized experiments, social network analysis and rapid qualitative inquiry. Sparks holds a BS in Sociology from Manchester University in Indiana and an MA in International Development from The American University in Washington, DC.

Robert Mulondo
Chief Country Advisor

Robert Mulondo is PVI’s eyes, ears and boots on the ground in Uganda, coordinating PVI’s operations and managing production of its Crowdpullerz program from the Crowdpullerz headquarters in Kampala. He also spearheads distributionsof Crowdpullerz episodes throughout the country.

Prior to joining Crowdpullerz, Robert worked as an IT consultant and as a community peer educator with the Association of Ugandan Women Medical Doctors — a Ugandan NGO funded by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.. He received a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Makerere University and has undergone training in Microsoft certified systems engineering.

Hoden Elmi
Project Coordinator

As PVI’s Project Coordinator, Hoden handles a diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from generating socially empowering video content featuring influential Ugandan artists to piloting our latest technical innovations and assisting in coordinating research activities in the field. Hoden also manages media content for our weekly rap news TV show, Newz Beat. Hoden holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Management from the International University of East Africa, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Film Making.

In her free time, Hoden is involved in the local artist community and can often be seen photographing abandoned buildings and junk yards around Kampala. Her recent short documentary about a Muslim designer explores the connection between expression of oneself and fashion. She aspires to make feature length independent films.

Moses Bwayo
Production Coordinator

Moses Bwayo takes key responsibility for multiple aspects of media making, including video and audio recording, editing and the coordination of logistics. Mr. Bwayo, a native Ugandan, also keeps PVI abreast if the latest trends in music and urban culture.

Prior to joining PVI, Mr. Bwayo was involved in many local and international productions, most notably the Disney film “Queen of Katwe” which was directed by award-winning, Indian filmmaker Mira Nair. He spends his free time making independent documentaries and birdwatching on the shores of Lake Victoria. Mr Bwayo graduated from Kampala Film School, a subsidiary of Kampala University and the leading film institution in East Africa, as well as an alum of the Maisha Film Lab, a non-profit training initiative for emerging East African filmmakers.

Peter Suuna

Peter is deeply interested in Motion Animation. His early training was in Telecommunications Engineering and Computer Studies.  He started making short films around 2005, and managed to win several scholarships to participate in film and sound  Labs, in Uganda, Germany and Kenya, including Berlinale Talent Campus. He’s also received nominations and awards in various film festivals. Peter worked for Record TV Network Uganda as a Video Editor on several programs including local News (Wano Na Wali). He worked as 3D Animator/Film Editor for “KENGERE” a rural film which was nominated for several awards including Rotterdam Film Festival. Before joining PVI he was working for Great Lakes Film Production as Film Editor. His career so far has been a string of awards and nominations, locally and internationally, for projects he’s been involved with.

Ruth K Musimbago
Research Associate

Ruth brings to the Research Team great experience of testing and designing both qualitative and quantitative data instruments, desk research and evaluation. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Makerere University in Kampala and a Master’s degree in Environmental and Public Health from the University Of Salford in England. She has a great passion for research and community involvement. From her work as an M&E officer at Uganda Village Project, research assistant with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other organisations, Ruth brings to PVI an extensive knowledge in various research skills, ranging from program planning, implementation, and evaluation as well as systematic analysis of various data. In her spare time, Ruth occupies herself in pro-bono community work, as well as adventure travel.

Reagan R. Ocan
General Manager East Africa

Reagan joins PVI with over nine years of work experience in program design, project planning, proposal writing, program monitoring and evaluation gained while working with organizations such as UNHCR, WFP, Children’s AIDS Fund, and the Arbeiter Samaritar Bund for emergency and development programmes. During his time at Children’s AIDS Fund, Reagan formed part of a team that designed and implemented various projects on HIV AIDS prevention and awareness for the youth. In the same period, he led capacity building for employees and collaboration initiatives with several development partners and contributed significantly to designing behaviour change communication strategies for Children AIDS Fund.
He has worked in a variety of sectors including Child Protection, Gender Based Violence, Food Security, Livelihood and Agriculture, HIV/AIDS and Education. This broad knowledge makes him uniquely positioned to improve internal operations as well as help create and scale innovative media strategies that will help our partners achieve maximum impact. Reagan holds a BS in Development Studies from Makerere University and an MSc in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Macrine Bakesiima
Finance and Administration Supervisor

Macrine oversees the finances, expenses, HR and general management of PVI.
Macrine has 4 years experience in Finance, Accounting and Grants management. She has previously worked with Spark Micro Grants and Village Enterprise as their Finance and Administration Officer at both organisations.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information technology and is currently studying CPA at the Uganda institute of public accountants.

Malini Doddamani
Board Chair

Malini Doddamani has spent her career working on national and global brand recognition, marketing and media relations for academic institutions and non-profits. She is currently the head of media and public relations for The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. Previously she was at the 170 year old New York Academy of Medicine where she headed the Communications team to promote the Academy’s mission as the leading urban health research and policy institute in New York City.

Malini is a happy resident of Philadelphia where she has worked at The University of the Arts, the oldest art institution in the United States, leading its efforts to establish new audiences for its broad scope in the arts and technology. At Yale University, Malini headed public relations for the MacMillan Center for International Studies, increasing and promoting its recognition within Yale, the nation and the world. And at St George’s University, an American medical school located in the Caribbean, she headed the first local public relations office serving as the key liaison between the host country government, the university executive and regional and international press. Malini has lived and worked in Grenada, India, Canada, Trinidad and Mexico and is an active alum of her alma maters, the University of Toronto and Syracuse University.