PVI launches the second season of N*GEN, Africa's
top science show for kids

N*Gen is broadcast on close to 50 television stations across Africa and is being used as a learning tool by educators and students worldwide.


Peripheral Vision International (PVI) is an award winning media NGO that combines the strength of a creative media agency with the latest technical knowledge and training on Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC).
PVI’s mission is to use media, technology, and popular culture to catalyze social change in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Working in a multidisciplinary team and together with partners, PVI designs and tests communication on health, gender, livelihoods and citizenship for hard-to–reach and marginalized populations.

Innovation Using Human Centered Design and relevant technologies for maximum impact

Bringing our media interventions to the hardest to reach populations is at the core of PVI’s mission. Our technology and innovation team are continuously designing new methods to fulfill this mission. PVI’s recent media innovations include Wanji Games, an educational “choose your own path” audio game delivered through basic mobile phones, as well as Village Video, a solar powered motorcycle micro-cinema.

Content Development Creating signature “edutainment” to educate and entertain

PVI has a team of local writers, producers, and concept development specialists that create all our best-loved programs and campaigns. We combine the local knowledge and insights of our East African team with a disciplined SBCC approach. We don’t just tap into culture, we create culture. Some of our content, such as Newz Beat, has become part of the cultural zeitgeist of Uganda.

Distribution Going where other media don’t

PVI is perhaps best known for its pioneering approach to media distribution. In addition to utilizing mainstream media channels, PVI has developed a sophisticated distribution strategy that provides our content directly to public screens in video halls, bars, buses, beauty salons, and other ambient screens, where much of today’s media is consumed. This distribution strategy is supported by a customized geo-tagging and data collection app that allows us to monitor where our media is playing.

Research Testing the reach and effectiveness of media

Our research department is involved in all the projects from conceptualization to evaluation. It is helping us design and prove concepts fast, iterate effectively, and assess impact. PVI owns East Africa’s only research facility with Dial Testing capabilities for moment-to-moment research and a Focus Group Lab, one of only two in Uganda. Publications related to PVI’s work have appeared in top peer reviewed journals, as chapters in scholarly books, and have been presented in more than a dozen conferences and scholarly forums.


PVI reaches a mass audience with limited access to traditional media by using appropriate technology and designing relevant and engaging content through innovation and adaptation.

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N*Gen – Next Generation TV

The first Pan-African science TV show for children and their families

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Wanji Games

gamified narratives delivered through basic mobile

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Advocacy media

Bridging the gap between social advocates and their target

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Passion Fruit Island


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