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Read more about the radio drama series we produced in partnership with @RaisingVoices @Uganetlaw @LSHTM 📻 https://www.pvinternational.org/projects/together-with-gloria/

Wonderful to see @DoctorGladys in the @newscientist - we were honoured to work with Gladys in our N*Gen episode about gorillas 🦍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Ps1EWi5Uk

On #IntlForestDay can you solve this riddle? 🌳

"I may be a thing of wood and leaves, but I can talk, eat and breathe.
Come and explore my mystery, the wonderful science of forestry."

Find out more in our #NGenTVAfrica episode teaser! 🌲


Other partners included Research World International, Peripheral Vision International and London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine. The training was both theoretical and practical. A total of 24 data collectors are to start the activity on 20th March.



Last week, our team in Mahango sub-county Kasese district, together with @RaisingVoices with the support of the Model CA, conducted an FGD with the Radio Listener group of the SASA Together Radio booster Activity. 11 men and 15 women attended it.


It was a great experience to work on this important project; using radio drama to reach listeners in western Uganda with information on gender-based violence, in an engaging and innovative format 📻

An exciting and impactful journey with @RaisingVoices, opening our eyes to the possibility of using mass media to address harmful social norms effectively. Thank you for @PVIMedia and @RaisingVoices https://twitter.com/RaisingVoices/status/1626114153411923969

📢 That’s a wrap on our radio drama Together with Gloria airing in Kasese, Uganda!

BIG thanks to @PVIMedia @Uganetlaw and @LSHTM for all the hard work and support on this journey.

We are excited to learn how radio can support & enhance social norms to change & prevent #VAW

In 🇺🇬, Irene and her fellow teachers are #TransformingEducation through their commitment to learners and ensuring they don’t fall behind.

Read the story of how they adapted to the pandemic by creating an educational 📺 show: https://bit.ly/3UOwGNp

With @PVIMedia and @ntvuganda

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Peripheral Vision International (PVI) is an award winning media NGO that combines the strength of a creative media agency with the latest technical knowledge and training on Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC). PVI’s mission is to use media, technology, and popular culture to catalyze social change in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Working in a multidisciplinary team and together with partners, PVI designs and tests communication on health, gender, livelihoods and citizenship for hard-to–reach and marginalized populations.

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PVI reaches a mass audience with limited access to traditional media by using appropriate technology and designing relevant and engaging content through innovation and adaptation.