N*Gen – Next Generation TV

The first Pan-African science TV show for children and their families

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The Challenge

The COVID-19 crisis is just beginning, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. What this means is that, among other things, many more children will be homebound and missing out on learning that is already underfunded and inadequate for the needs of the next generation.

The Proposal

N*Gen (pronounced “Engine”) is next-generation television program that promotes a culture of holistic learning and development. This modular show is an engaging compilation of STEM (disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) educational segments delivered by charismatic teachers, exciting animations, fun quizzes and experiments, fitness and mindfulness exercises, as well as tips for healthy living.


• Foster a culture of curiosity and discovery
• Model new holistic ways of approaching learning
• Promote positive gender norms
• Nurture trust in science
• Help families stay safe during the pandemic


Primary target are upper primary school children but because of the co-viewing viewing patterns, N*GEN is designed as a family show for all ages to enjoy.

Show Segments

N*Gen Learning Bytes – Mini-lessons (3-5min) on a variety of topics related to episode theme, delivered by vibrant and charismatic teachers in a studio setting, constitute the core of the show.

Africa Teacher Challenge – “Crowd-sourced” segment where teachers across the continent record and upload short lessons on topics of their choosing and expertise

Brain Break– Emphasizing the importance of social-emotional learning and mindfulness, we demonstrate simple exercises that relieve stress, improve concentration and confidence.

Shake It Out with Tadhi – Benefits of physical exercise on brain performance have been proven; Tadhi gets the viewers off the couch and makes them follow fun fitness and dance routines.

Brain Booster: Trivia, useful factoids and quizzes that recap each episode.

Health Tip: Relevant and practical tips on how to stay safe and resilient during this pandemic (i.e. tutorials on home-made face masks or micro-gardens), and more.


We have started this under our own initiative as something that is needed urgently during the current crisis. Season 1 comprises of 13 broadcast half-hour episodes and is currently airing in multiple markets in Sub-Saharan Africa on terrestrial/free-to-air TV channels: Eswatini, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and The Africa Channel in the US and the Caribbean.
Season 2 is in development and will be produced in 2021, pending funding support.

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