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N*Gen – Next Generation TV

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The Challenge

The COVID-19 crisis has affected Sub-Saharan Africa particularly hard. Many children have been homebound and missing out on learning that is already underfunded and inadequate for the needs of the next generation.

Our Solution

N*Gen (pronounced “Engine”) is next-generation television program that promotes a culture of holistic learning and development. It is an engaging compilation of STEM (disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) educational segments delivered by charismatic teachers and scientists, exciting animations, experiments, trips to the field, fitness and mindfulness exercises, as well as tips for healthy living.


• Foster a culture of curiosity and discovery
• Model new holistic ways of approaching learning
• Promote positive gender norms
• Nurture trust in science


Primary target are upper primary school children but because of the co-viewing viewing patterns, N*GEN is designed as a family show for all ages to enjoy.

Learn with N*Gen

Educators and students worldwide have been using N*Gen as a tool in their science classes. We encourage you to do the same and send us your feedback. FREE learning materials are available for download here: Season 1 and Season 2.


N*Gen is proof of a concept: that high quality, educational television can be produced affordably and collaboratively in Africa and reach broad youth audiences. Sub-Saharan Africa has the largest youth market in the world and we have the opportunity to play a role in building their future and amplifying their voice.

When COVID struck, PVI worked with teachers and children’s media experts to design and launch N*Gen: Africa’s first science tv show for kids. Filmed across Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda, its goals were to promote girls and women in STEM, increase trust in science and scientists, make COVID info memorable and engaging, and help give people the critical thinking tools to fight misinformation. First launched in September 2020, the welcome for this project has been overwhelming. Broadcasters across Africa have shown that their audiences are hungry for engaging, educational, youth-oriented content. Total of 26 episodes produced up to date have been syndicated to 45+ tv networks across Africa through both terrestrial and satellite broadcast.

The project is also unique in that it is elevating African scientists and educators for a western audience. It is broadcast in the US on The Africa Channel, on Common Sense Media’s new streaming service “Sensical“, on AfroLandTV and on Discovery Education (available in half the classrooms in the US). N*Gen is currently the #27 most popular channel among over 650 available channels within Discovery Education.

N*Gen is being used in classrooms from Kenya to Kansas City as well as reaching many millions through the growing medium of broadcast tv in Africa. A second series uses climate change as a unifying theme, while still promoting science, vaccines and combating misinformation. In November 2021 the US Ambassador to Uganda launched the new season.