CROWDPULLERZ - unparalleled para-broadcast distribution network

The Problem

Bringing our media interventions to the hardest to reach populations is at the core of PVI’s mission. But how to deliver social change and advocacy content to rural and remote populations with no access to traditional media?

Uganda’s population has one of the lowest access to electricity on the continent. With the national electrification rate estimated at 14%, and the rural one at just 7%, the vast majority of the population does not have power in their homes. But they do watch television. TVs in public venues, such as video halls (informal local cinemas), bars, restaurant, shops, buses and beauty salons form a vast ‘para-broadcast’ network of ambient screens, accessible to all. Those channels are however reserved for entertainment and social interactions.

Our Solution

PVI discovered the potential of this distribution platform and developed a unparalleled tactic for delivering social change messaging to public screens nationwide.  Our signature edutainment program CrowdPullerz features the latest music videos by Uganda’s top artists combined with Public Service Announcements, advocacy and news clips. New episodes comes out every two weeks, and are distributed on DVD free of charge to over 4,000 public screens in 24 districts.

Our real time digital database maps where each individually-numbered disc is distributed using a customized phone app, that allows our field team to geo-tag, photograph, and upload survey information on each business in our distribution network.

As of June 2018, we have distributed 111 episodes to over 50,000 screens across 70 districts, and partnered with 40+ organizations to feature their messaging in the show.

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