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Animation in Africa

Animation can be a powerful tool to tell stories and move children and adults alike. The vibrancy and variance of nature and culture on the African continent lends itself to this form of visual storytelling. We’ve worked with talented illustrators and animators from the continent to deliver stories promoting early childhood development, social justice, public health, and other important issues.

TAMANI, The Bird Who Wished For Teeth

One of the projects that we are particularly proud of is TAMANI, an animated video series about a bird who wishes for teeth, and once his wish is granted, needs to learn all about dental hygiene. Integrating comic relief and important learnings, the stories were developed as part of a media collaboration award granted by PVI to Miracle Corners Tanzania. TAMANI animations are being used in community outreach in rural Tanzania disseminating oral health awareness and education to primary school children, encouraging positive behavioral change, knowledge, attitude, and practices relating to oral health, and clarifying misconceptions about oral health and dental care for children, parents, and the community at large. TAMANI has also been broadcast nationally in Kenya on Akili Kids TV.