Advocacy media

Bridging the gap between social advocates and their target

The Problem

Though highly professionalized, civil society in Uganda has thus far not been unable to effectively utilize communication designs and media tools to communicate with their target audiences. Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and grassroots civil society organizations (CSOs) often have limited capacity, budget and experience partnering with media, shaping effective messages, reaching a specific audience, and assessing results.  

Our Solution

PVI partners with nonprofits working to affect positive social change in Uganda to design and produce media initiatives that enhance their advocacy efforts.  Below are examples of our most successful partnerships:

–       “Uganda’s Unseen Crisis” (partner: CEHURD and HealthGAP). Animated advocacy video narrated by a Registered Midwife, who gives a powerful message on how criminalizing abortion doesn’t make it less likely – it makes it more deadly. Combined with still photographs by a New York Times photographer and graphics by a young female animator, the video has been used in safe abortion rights advocacy outreaches ever since, and continues to move its audiences.

–    “Nuru Mpya (Into the Light)” (partner: Pathfinder International) Mixing live action and animated charcoal illustrations by a renowned Tanzanian artist, this video sheds light on the problem of unsafe abortions and offers solutions. Featured are interview with a medical doctor and testimonials of women and girls who underwent unsafe abortions, some narrowly escaping death.

TAWLA showed the PVI safe abortion video to a major meeting with policy makers and many, including several parliamentarians, had tears in their eyes. I would like to believe that their statements at the end of the meeting were more positive in part because we had not only moved their minds with our technical presentations, but also their hearts.”

(Mustafa Kudrati, Country Representative, Pathfinder Tanzania)

–       “Vicky’s Dilemma” (partner: Marie Stopes) Teen drama educating young people on the benefits of contraception and clarifying the truth around the biggest myths of contraception usage; Designed for interactive sessions in secondary schools;

–       Series of video vignettes for a major randomized control experiment assessing to what extent dramatized portrayals of abortion stigma and domestic violence have effect on people’s attitudes and behaviors (partner: Prof. Don Green of Columbia University/ Innovation for Poverty Action). This experiment showed measurable effects on reducing Intimate Partner Violence and papers are currently being composed by the Columbia University team for peer review publication.

–       Public service announcements on a variety of issues, from gender based violence and women’s access to land rights, to torture and protection and human rights defenders to name a few.


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