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Advocacy Media

The Problem

Civil society organizations and grass-roots NGOs are at the forefront of social change and development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Though strategic communication is crucial to their successful advocacy efforts, they often have limited capacity, budget and experience partnering with media, shaping effective messages, reaching a specific audience, and assessing results.  

Our Solution

PVI partners with nonprofits working to affect positive social change to design, produce and asses media initiatives that enhance their advocacy efforts.  Below are examples of our most successful partnerships:

–     “Crossing The Road” (with TICAH Kenya). A short video advocating for the implementation of the Comprehensive Sexual Education policy. The clip draws a parallel between teaching children about sexual health and about safely navigating road traffic. 

“Betty” (with Building Tomorrow) A story about how education can change lives of children living with disabilities. Produced to support work of community volunteers who advocate for bringing access to inclusive, transformative education to children in underserved areas of Uganda.

–    “Nuru Mpya (Into the Light)” (with Pathfinder) Mixing live action and animated charcoal illustrations by a renowned Tanzanian artist, this video sheds light on the problem of unsafe abortions and offers solutions. Featured are interview with a medical doctor and testimonials of women and girls who underwent unsafe abortions, some narrowly escaping death.

TAWLA showed the PVI safe abortion video to a major meeting with policy makers and many, including several parliamentarians, had tears in their eyes. I would like to believe that their statements at the end of the meeting were more positive in part because we had not only moved their minds with our technical presentations, but also their hearts.” (Mustafa Kudrati, Country Representative, Pathfinder Tanzania)

Please visit our YouTube channel to view more videos (link: https://www.youtube.com/PVisionInternational )