Wanji (The Educational Audio Adventure)

wanji games

Project Description

What is Wanji?

Wanji is an interactive and educational Audio Adventure that empowers each participant to chose their own path and determine the story’s outcome. This game is placed directly in the hands of each player through simple, accessible, and ubiquitous means: a mobile phone.

How does it work?


Who is it for?

Wanji games can reach anyone with access to a simple mobile device. Wanji can be used for social change messaging, building brand recognition, and training.


Evaluation (or Does it Work?)

PVI’s Media Innovation Lab evaluated the Wanji Games pilot project, implemented in Uganda’s Teso region in the fall of 2015. The treatment game was scripted around the theme of agricultural and financial management practices for smallholder farmers. The pilot project was evaluated through a quasi-experimental design based on the comparison of survey responses from players. Players in the treatment condition have been shown to have an increased likelihood of reporting an intention to engage in behaviors promoted by the game and demonstrate acquisition of knowledge regarding promoted practices. The results provide strong support for Wanji Games being an effective platform for providing remote populations with ‘edutainment’ content.