Peripheral Vision International runs on a simple formula:

the right medium WITH the right message.

PVI reaches a mass audience with limited access to traditional media by using appropriate technology and designing relevant and engaging content through innovation and appropriation.

PVI goes where other media don’t, tapping into media platforms that are more open and more difficult to censor than traditional broadcast channels. Unlike most NGOs in Uganda, PVI respects the desires of media consumers and the producers of popular media in Uganda, allowing the organization to develop the capacity and networks to locate these channels and to work within them.

PVI takes advantage of popular entertainment to attract audiences. By providing audiences with media they want to consume, in ways that they are already consuming, PVI works with communication flows. From its music video program to new edutainment projects (Newz Beat and Katwe Corner), PVI produces content with a higher quality than audiences expect in Uganda, while keeping our costs moderate.

PVI currently creates three flagship shows in addition to dozens Advocacy Media clips per year.

They are:

Newzbeat logo


Newz Beat, a broadcast show in which hip-hop artists team up to deliver a weekly TV news bulletin.

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crowdpullerz logo


Crowdpullerz, a biweekly, hour long show delivered to public screens, which combines popular music videos with news clips and advocacy videos.

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popcorn video logo

Popcorn Video

Popcorn Video, music programming that embeds trivia and social messaging in already popular local music videos, allowing us to create more content for less investment.

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