Kibanda Boda (Cinema on Wheels)

Project Description

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Kibanda Boda (Cinema on 2 Wheels)

Some villages in Uganda are so remote that there are no screens in any business or home. Traditional mobile cinema can reach these places with large screens and elaborate productions, but it is expensive, slow and cumbersome. Enter the Kibanda Boda! This Micro-Cinema on wheels comprises a solar powered television and speakers mounted to the back of a boda-boda motorcycle. Affordable, dynamic and novel, this new tool is capable of bringing visual entertainment to the most remote regions of Uganda on a regular schedule.  Our 1.0 version is already in the field and PVI is looking for partners to expand this program in 2016.

March 2016 update:

Having put the Kibanda Boda 1.0 version to the test in rural and urban areas of Uganda, we made improvements to the functionality and design of the prototype. Enter Kibanda Boda 2.0!

Kibanda Boda 2.0_1 Kibanda Boda 2.0_2