Reproductive Health Messages

Case Study: Reproductive Heath Messages

Project Description


Parabroadcast Distribution of Reproductive Health Messages

1 December 2014 to 15 January 2015.

Using its innovative research capabilities, PVI helped the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) locate a wide audience with limited access to traditional media to test creative edutainment programming centered on reproductive health. PVI distributed 4,000 free DVDs to public screens in video halls, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, buses and other relevant parabroadcast outlets in eight target districts in upcountry Uganda. Brand Ambassadors used mobile phones equipped with the Android-based application TaroWorks to collect data. The teams distributed DVDs containing a special edition of the ‘Crowdpullerz’ edutainment program. Each disc consisted of 12 popular music videos by top local artists and 12 ad slots for UHMG-UNFPA spots on reproductive health. Each business and each disc were given a unique identification number. GPS coordinates and a photo of each business were taken.


While quality was not compromised, ideally more time should have been allocated both for preparation of the content and for distribution of the material. PVI found that the social and behavioral effect of Crowdpullerz was directly correlated to the field programs for which the messages correspond. While PVI was distributing in all sub-counties in each of the eight chosen districts, outreach discussions from UHMG volunteers were happening in only two. As a short-term solution, Crowdpullerz staff began distributing condoms along with the discs to individuals and business owners. PVI found there needed better coordination between field programs and messaging. PVI suggested special training of Crowdpullerz staff on health messaging