Popcorn Video

popcorn videoDrawing from the popularity of VH1’s “Pop Up Video” – music programming that embedded trivia and humor in pre-existing music videos – PVI has created “Popcorn Video” a similar format that inlays social messaging and interesting facts into popular Ugandan music videos.

Since its inception in Spring 2015, PVI has produced a series of 50 “Popcorn” videos containing facts and information about reproductive health, as well as 50 more that focus on other issues relevant to PVI’s demographic, which include governance, women’s rights, youth and entrepreneurship.

Many NGOs attempt to create edutainment programming by sponsoring musicians to record songs and/or music videos with desired messaging. But this programming is expensive and varies widely when it comes to results. “Popcorn Video” allows the creation of more – and better targeted content – for less investment and overhead. On top of that, the interest in the music videos has already been determined, furthering audience appeal and allowing the creation of more content for less investment.

Some of our Popcorn Videos

In the true spirit of edutainment