Our Mission


PVI uses media, technology, and popular culture to catalyze social change in East Africa. Working in a multidisciplinary team and together with partners, PVI designs and tests communication on health, livelihoods, and citizenship for hard-to–reach and marginalized populations.

Hypothesis for change


Communication is how we connect to one another and to the broader world, and for it to impact societal norms and attitudes, communication must engage, educate and entertain. Research has consistently shown that people think and remember in story and act and choose through emotion. PVI uses these principles to reach people where they are, with the tools they have, in ways that speak to them – motivating increased and more meaningful involvement of these populations in creating critical social change.

Building on six years of PVI efforts


In 2011, PVI began as a pilot project in Uganda seeking to impact big social problems, through communication design and existing media technology. The first project developed videos about governance and transparency, and screened them in video halls countrywide. The work has since grown into a portfolio of five core projects including a number of highly rated national television shows, video screens on the back of motorbikes taken to hard-to-reach communities, and mobile-based social good gaming.

Today, PVI’s work is guided by the same principle:  a belief that meaningful social change can happen when people have the information they need to make important individual decisions, including getting more involved in the change they want to see. Moving forward, PVI plans to increase efforts to establish partnerships with key social justice organizations in East Africa and globally. Through this collaboration, PVI anticipates ramping up its ability to identify critical and timely communication design opportunities and partnership assistance in scaling current core projects. The organization will also focus increasing efforts on use of designs and technologies, which are easily scalable, including broadening work utilizing mobile-based tools.