crowdpullerzPVI’s longest-running program, Crowdpullerz – Music Television with a Message – is an hour-long Ugandan television show that airs twelve Ugandan music videos interspersed with short public service announcements, edutainment and independently-produced news segments. These advocacy pieces address a range of issues including corruption, reproductive health, youth entrepreneurship and gender equality.

Crowdpullerz is an example of how PVI tracks current trends and uses popular culture to attract attention – it also offers a shared platform by which NGOs and other entities can distribute, track, and test advocacy messages. PVI conducts monthly polls to determine the top-selling Ugandan songs, and programs the music videos based on popularity, content, and gender representation.

Since CrowdPullerz’ launch in 2011, PVI has distributed more than 35,000 DVDs to more than 20,000 screens in public venues such as video halls, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, long distance buses and boarding schools. This informal distribution network provides advocates with unparalleled access to young audiences in hard-to-reach areas with little other available media.

Crowpullerz videos